What To Look For In A Property Tax Accountant

  1. Are they registered and qualified? 

Tax accountants should be registered at the online tax and BAS agent register.

2. Do they have sufficient experience? 

Your accountant should have at least three years’ experience working with investment property tax. Your assets and position will be better maintained by a likeminded investor, qualified for the job.  

3. Are they easy to communicate with? 

Investing can be a fast paced game at times so it’s important to be able to reach your accountant via phone and email if you have any questions or concerns. Selecting an accountant that takes forever to get back to you may result in you missing a deal or taking risks by proceeding ahead without your queries checked.

4. What is the service capability of the team? 

It’s useful if you can also get accounting advice and services from other specialists within the same accounting firm, such as SMSF and financial and investment advice.

5. What is their fee structure? 

An obvious question, but it’s important you’re clear on what and how your accountant charges from the outset. Typically, fees are charged at an hourly rate and they will bill for their time for one-to-one appointments, phone calls and emails.


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